What makes a great travel blog?

As I sat down in front of my computer to start marking student’s travel blogs, I had a stack of Rubrics sitting next to me. There were certain things that students had to do to achieve marks. They needed tags, categories and three well written Blog articles that were approximately 250 words long.  What IContinue reading “What makes a great travel blog?”

River Rafting, Eco Tourism, Niche Tourism and Marketing

Today was a good day. I drank water out of a stream, paddled down a river, acted out a Native American legend and got to watch my students learn about Niche Tourism. There is no doubt that learning by doing is the best way to learn. I watched my students see the importance of Tourism on localContinue reading “River Rafting, Eco Tourism, Niche Tourism and Marketing”

Developing A Twitter Page for Niche Tourism

Its official. After working though the basics of Twitter, we are beginning to see the real value of having an account for a Niche Tourism Product. Here is what our Friday morning class thinks the Top five reasons to be on Twitter are: 1) It is an excellent source of news specific to the NicheContinue reading “Developing A Twitter Page for Niche Tourism”

My Clients are not on Twitter/WordPress/Facebook so why do I need it?

It is true….not everyone uses social media. A couple of students have come to me and said that they do not see the value in Tweeting, Blogging, having a Facebook page etc, because their Target Market is not using social media. What I say to that is…well maybe not yet,  but they will, and byContinue reading “My Clients are not on Twitter/WordPress/Facebook so why do I need it?”

Writing your Niche Travel Blog

Hi Students, I have been thinking about our Blogging class yesterday and wanted to give some advice to those of you that are unsure how to begin. 1) Check out other Travel blogs…here is a good one   http://www.nomadicmatt.com/travel-blog/ 2) Just write. As I mentioned in class you are not writing the Ten Commandments orContinue reading “Writing your Niche Travel Blog”

It’s that time again!

As the academic year winds down again and summer approaches, our big travel adventures await. This year we have planned an epic 18 day trip to the beautiful Islands of Hawaii, We are spending 7 nights in Maui, 6 nights in Kauai and 4 nights in Oahu. Then Pekka and Kirsten, our crazy Finnish/South African/GermanContinue reading “It’s that time again!”