Barcelona – Carcasonne – Vezenobres

Okay so its July the 4th, We have been here for four days and it has been crazy busy. I am going to try catch up so that I can go back to the pool and sun.

We woke up in Barcelona at 10:00 AM and got ready to adventure. I had picked up some basics at the grocery store on the way home from dinner at 1:00 AM the night before so we ate and hit the town. Finnair told us they would cover $70 Euros in expenses which is not much but at least we could get something.  We got what we needed and then went exploring. We walked “Las Ramblas” and into the Gothic district.. Stopped in at the cathedral, several Gelato stops and for an amazing lunch. Barcelona is a great city. you really have to watch out for thieves in general. We met another family at the gelato shop from Canada, they had just been robbed so this was a good reminder. Afterwards we went to the Sagrada Famillia Church which was a real highlight. It is a very cool piece of art and we enjoyed going up in the elevator for the view of Barcelona.


We went back to our hotel, to shower and get ready for dinner when we got the call from the lost luggage department. They had found our bags! BUT…they said they could only get them to us the next day at around 10:00AM we explained that we were leaving for France at 8:45 AM tomorrow and they basically said, if we have to send the bag to France you may never get the bag! Chris and I could not believe it,  It was our last night in Spain and our only option was for Chris to go back to the Airport and get the bags ourselves, this cost 75 Euros in taxis fees and took 3 hours. The kids and I ordered Chris a meal at 11:30PM and he showed up minutes before it arrived. He ate quickly and we took ourselves home…exhausted, but happy to have all our stuff and be together again.

July 3th 2010

20100703_2529Up early at 7:00. Oh man are we tired, jet lagged, exhausted! We ran around the room and packed everything up at 7:30 our taxi (that took five hmmmmm… I thought it was not possible ??) took us to the train station (20 Euros) for our 8:45 AM train to Narbonne. The journey through the Pyrenees was really peaceful and relaxing. Josh and Sophie missed it because they fell asleep. Connor was a great bag watcher when we went to the bathroom etc. On arrival in Narbonne we picked up our car and drove to Carcasonne.

20100703_2533We were in Carcasonne in 40 minutes.  The largest, best preserved Medevil city, the kids loved walking around the castle, the walls and moats.

Afterwards we drove to our home for the next 7 nights in Vezenobres. The drive thought the vineyards is spectacular and arriving at the villa was amazing. Colleen, Falco, Kirsten, Pekka, Mia and Kia were all waiting. The kids swam in the pool and we had a feast under a million stars. It is so beautiful here, life is good.

July 04 2010

Up early so Chris, Pekka and I went for a run to the village. Vezenobres is a medieval village on a hill.  It is amazing. Colleen, Kirsten and I went to the local market and got some supplies, mainly wine and cheese, and we have spent the day eating, drinking and enjoying each other.img_0894

It is incredibly hot and we have just pulled the kids inside to give them a break from the sun. The are watching Americans Funniest Videos in French. Below are some shots of our gorgeous home in Vezenobres.





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