My Clients are not on Twitter/WordPress/Facebook so why do I need it?

It is true….not everyone uses social media.

A couple of students have come to me and said that they do not see the value in Tweeting, Blogging, having a Facebook page etc, because their Target Market is not using social media. What I say to that is…well maybe not yet,  but they will, and by having a digital presence now, you will be waiting for them when they come looking for you.

Five years ago, when texting was all the rage with the younger set, some of us in our thirties and forties were naysayers. I had not met the love of my life yet (my iPhone) and texting on my flip phone was cumbersome, time consuming and not very enjoyable. I used to say, if I wanted to talk with someone, I would phone them. Well, 2010 hit, I got my iPhone and everything changed. Texting as a form of communication is an integral part of my life now. I can’t imagine not using it. The same is true about many forms of Social Media.

There are those out there that feel about Social Media, the way I used to feel about texting. The absolute global reality is, however, that more and more people are using Social Media everyday to seek out information on Tourism and Travel, and if you choose to opt out of a digital presence you are missing out on clients looking for you and if they do not find you, they will find your competitors, because, there is a huge digital presence of Niche Tourism and Travel experts online already.

Having a digital presence will give you credibility, it will help your clients decide that you are the one they want to do business with. It is not necessarily about finding new clients off Google searches, but making the clients that you have, feel that they are dealing with a travel professional that is connected.  A travel professional that likes to be informed and follows the news, and shares that news with their all important clients. Even if your clients are “not” on Social Media, they will appreciate knowing that you are sharing news if they need it, its just another service that you offer that they can opt into if they so wish.

So get going guys, build your Blog. In class this week we will look at Twitter and Facebook Pages and developing your Niche.


Published by Victoria

I am Victoria Renton. Professor at Sheridan College, Pilon School of Business. I am a Tourism Marketing specialist with extensive international sales, major airline negotiations and tourism development expertise. I started blogging when I went to Europe with kids in July 2010 as a way of sharing my adventures with friends back home. As a Digital Marketing Professor, I like to try new technologies with students and stay current with Social Media Trends and this Blog has been a great home base for that. It is a place that I share my travels, ideas, success and failures. I am glad you stopped by.

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