Where to Eat in San Francisco.

When I travel I LOVE to eat. It is always a challenge deciding on where to dine, especially when your travels take you places at the last minute. On our trip to San Francisco we found a few gems that I want to share, obviously in two days I couldn’t be everywhere but I enjoyed these places so much I would go back for sure!

1) Salumeria (3000 20th street, SF  415.471.2998)

Salumeria, located in the Mission District is a great spot for lunch. Open 11- 6 we arrived around 3:00 and it was pretty packed. We enjoyed a fabulous cheese plate, some salads and a Salumi plate  (Italian meat board)  and well…Yummy. It is a typical trendy SFO spot and has a lovely airy vibe to it. I would say if you are looking for a wonderful lunch in a hipster environment this is the place.

2) Outerlands ( 4001 Judah Street, SF 415 661-6140)

We were looking for the best brunch in San Francisco so we did what everyone else does…. we Googled it, and found ourselves jumping in an Uber car heading to beautiful Ocean Beach. (10 minutes from downtown) Outerlands offers a very interesting menu at reasonable prices. We arrived at 8:45 and the resturant only opens at 9:00. Hanging on the front door was a clipboard to write your name on to get in line. We had to wait about 45 minutes for the table so we strolled over to Trouble Coffee (see below) to grab a coffee while we waited…. and boy was it worth it!

The food was excellent, I had the quiche which was creamy and delicious, all of our meals were interesting, fresh and tasty. I would highly recommend Outerlands, they make great brunch cocktail to! Pictured below is our table outside of the restaurant.

How to incorporate Outerlands into your San Francisco itinerary?  Plan your day visiting Outlerlands at 8:45 for 2 hours,  then stroll to Ocean beach 20 min, UBER car (10 min) to Golden Gate Park (2 hours), end with a walk through the Haight-Ashbury District 30 min. This is what we did and honestly it was wonderful.


1513) Trouble Coffee ( 4033 Judah St, SF)

This gem, located only a few shops down from the fabulous Outerlands is totally cool with interesting employees that will make a fabulous coffee for you and if you are up to it a slice of toast to tide you over before brunch at Outlerlands. It is hip, different and the coffee is delicious. My latte pictured left was perfection in a cup. Ever since I returned home I have dreamed and searched for a comparable coffee but alas, it looks like I will have to return to San Francisco and Trouble Coffee to get it.

3564) Sushiritto (226 Kearny Street SF, 415-544-9868)

This was the last meal I ate in San Francisco, and it was UNREAL. There is nothing even close to this in Toronto and I want to know why? Sushiritto is basically a sushi roll the size of a burrito that you eat with your hands, pictured left was my delicious lunch, a “Satori” that has Kampachi Yellowtail, Cucumber, Pickled Red Onion, Sweet Corn, Red Tobiko, Avocado, Wasabi Mayo for $13.00 it was amazing!  Located two minute from The Palace Hotel and the financial district, if you are a fan of sushi this is a MUST TRY.

There were other restaurants, street meals (Seafood chowder!) and take out snacks, but these were my favorites and now… I am feeling kind of hungry.

Coming up next : Getting around SFO. Transportation Options… BART, UBER, Feet



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