Japan…coming soon.

I am writing this post on my iPhone, while laying on a futon on the floor of my ryokan. Japan has surprising limited and slow wifi so let’s  just say it doesn’t make for easy writing… But fear not, I will be posting a series of articles when I return to my beloved Canada

Japan, it’s fast and slow. Old and new. Delicious and disgusting. A country of contrasts. Fascinating, exhausting and incredibly beautiful. I can’t wait to share my adventures with you.

Cherry Blossoms in Shinjuku 2016

3 thoughts on “Japan…coming soon.

  1. >Japan has surprising limited and slow wifi

    Internet is high-speed in Japan…but wi-fi isn’t really popular here. I think, though, as more and more tourists are recently visiting here, wifi will be improved for them.

    >Delicious and disgusting.

    Oh! What Japanese food did you find disgusting? Natto?

    >I am…a mother of three

    I have three kids, too. Three daughters (who aren’t technically “kids” anymore).

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    1. Tokyo5- I found 95% of the food to be the best on earth! Just occasionally did we come across the disgusting, yes Natto! To be honest we found the Anko to be weird to. Overall we loved the Japanese food, just had to be careful of occasional surprises 🙂 My three kids are not really kids anymore. In fact, I did this trip to Japan with my daughter and many people asked if we were “friends” I loved it!

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      1. Oh, did you try natto? Most visitors to Japan don’t even try it! I like natto … and I like anko, too! But I’m used to Japanese food … even more than American food.


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