Tips for Travel Blogging.

Tips for Travel Blogging.

img_4472Ahhh September, the start of my favorite course, “Niche Tourism and Travel.”  In this course we develop Travel Blogs, build Twitter feeds and Create Facebook Pages. Students usually look at me with bewilderment when we start, so in keeping with past advice, I offer you the following tips on how to start.
1) Make sure you set up your “About” Page. By setting up your About Page your readers can connect with you and see what they have in common with you. No one wants to take Travel advice from a nameless, faceless person. On the flip side, know who you are writing FOR. If you Niche is adventure travel, use language that adventures understand. Most importantly understand the passion and commitment that your readers may have about your topic and aim to connect with this.

2) Keep your articles short, but not too short! Around 250 – 350 words, it makes it nice and easy to read.Ubizane South Africa

3) Add awesome visuals, if you need some, make some or ask your friends or family for pictures from travels they have been on to use in your blog. You can even use vintage pictures of travels with your family, here is one of me at the Ubizane Game Reserve in South Africa in 1983. Oh! Add links out like I just did with Ubizane, it gives the reader a deeper experience.

4) Tell a story, each blog post should engage the reader with content that is interesting and engaging. Content is what will keep your readers coming back to visit.

5) Tag and Categorise your post. This will make it easier for people to find and navigate your Blog.

6) Just get started already! Even if your story needs work, practice makes progress. Your Travel writing will improve with each Blog you post and remember, once you put it out into the world, you have enriched a community of Travellers who likely care about the same issues as you. Be Brave! Be Bold, Tell your stories and see what happens!

7) Ask your readers to like you, it is easy on WordPress. Add a widget that allows users to “Follow blog by email.” Having a call to action is always a great way to connect with your readers. This way they will get a notification each time you post a blog.  Check out mine on the top right of this page and hey…. follow me. (please)

Happy Blogging, we are all part of the community, no judgment, go for it!

Writing your Niche Travel Blog

Hi Students,

I have been thinking about our Blogging class yesterday and wanted to give some advice to those of you that are unsure how to begin.

1) Check out other Travel blogs…here is a good one

2) Just write. As I mentioned in class you are not writing the Ten Commandments or the Declaration of Independence! You can make changes. You can always edit later. You will not have much traffic on your blog to begin so just get writing. The more you write the better you will get.

3) Add some pictures

People like visuals…. If you don’t have anyTravel agent personal travel photos, its time to make some. Bring your camera on our field trip in two weeks. There will be LOTS of great photo opportunities. So in the mean time, look for pictures online, vintage travel pictures are cool too.

4) Write a commentary on an article, news clip, video or picture. Link the original source to your Blog, Put down your thoughts and opinions and you have a post.

5) Remember, you have been studying Tourism and Travel for over a year now. You have many important tips to share with the world.

6) Best practice is posts of around 250 words….this one is about 230…see nice and easy to read.

Best wishes to you all this weekend and happy blogging!