Queen’s Bath, North Shore Kauai

Queen’s Bath, North Shore Kauai

Queens bath 4I heard about Queen’s Bath from a friend of mine. It is located on the north shore of Kauai in Princeville. It is pretty hard to get to and I would not recommend a visit for people with kids under 7 or Adults who are not strong hikers.

On the day we went it was a little rainy and the trail down to the Queen’s bath was slippery and pretty treacherous. My husband and son had to help carry  a women back to the top of the hill when she discovered half way down that she couldn’t mQueens bath waterfallake the decent without falling. It really made me think that you have to get out and explore the world while you are still able to do so. That is why if you are reading this blog and are heading to Kauai and are still fit and able to, visit the Queen’s bath! Walking down to the Queen’s bath you pass some gorgeous waterfalls.  You also pass this scary sign…

Queens bath 5The day we visited the Queen’s Bath the tide was low but there was still some crazy wave action in the nearby inlet. Basically this is a place you should not visit October – April or when the waves are high as high waves that have literally washed people out to sea.  Disclaimer! While I think the Queen’s Bath is an amazing experience it is DANGEROUS so don’t go if the conditions are not right. We were there in August and it was nice and safe that day.

So what is the Queen’s bath? Basically it is a natural tidal pool that is formed in a lava shelf on the side of a hill. When the tide is high the surf comes crashing in through an inlet, refreshing the pool and bringing fish, and crabs and other marine life into it. It is basically a natural saltwater swimming pool in the most beautiful setting ever. It is called the Queen’s Bath because the Queen of Hawaii used to bathe here. Below is a picture of me snorkeling in the pool.

Kauai, Queens Bath

Queens bath 1The water is clear and filled with marine life. (Left) We took masks and snorkels so that we could have a good look. Other people there borrowed ours. Remember to take yours with you. Queens bath 2

Queen’s Bath is one of those special places that takes a bit of work to get to but because of this it is not over run with tourists and feels like a private paradise.Queens bath 10

Tip:Take water, towels, mask. Please leave no garbage!

Not for those with out strong mobility and balance.  We came across many people halfway down that were turning back. Be aware of your hiking ability.

Location: Princeville, Kauai.


Breakfast in Kauai, Hawaii.

Breakfast in Kauai, Hawaii.

Kauai is one of the places in the world that you really do have to see to believe. I had seen it before, I just didn’t know it. Jurassic Park, The Descendants, Soul Surfer and many other movies have used Kauai as its setting and it is obvious why. Kauai is absolutely beautiful. This was my third trip to the Hawaiian islands and there is no doubt that my absolutely favorite Hawaiian island is Kauai.

Kauai, Poipu BreakfastWe were active in Kauai, we did not spend a single day just lying on the beach. Kauai is for adventure! If you are looking for more of a lying around on a beach, Hawaiian holiday I would suggest Maui. (Blog article on Maui coming soon) Kauai is for explorers. Don’t get me wrong there are tons of gorgeous beaches in Kauai but the island has so many safe, beautiful, relatively accessible one of a kind natural “attractions” it would be a shame to miss them.

Pictured left is my family and I eating breakfast in Po’ipu.  There is a food counter in nearby Koloa at the Sueoka’s Grocery store called Sueoka’s Snack Shop. For $7 per person we had bacon, eggs, toast etc. Trust me this is the cheapest breakfast on Kauai. It is a quick drive to Po’ipu beach from there and you will find yourself eating in breakfast in paradise and out on the road ready for adventure.

Kauai, Shipwreck Beach

Over the next few days I will cover off what I think are the top five “must do” activities in Kauai because, man its cold outside and I need to think about somewhere hot 🙂 Here is a shot of my kids playing in the waves at Shipwreck beach right outside of our gorgeous hotel the Grand Hyatt…..Until tomorrow… Aloha.

Kauai, Victoria

It’s that time again!

As the academic year winds down again and summer approaches, our big travel adventures await.

This year we have planned an epic 18 day trip to the beautiful Islands of Hawaii, We are spending 7 nights in Maui, 6 nights in Kauai and 4 nights in Oahu.

Then Pekka and Kirsten, our crazy Finnish/South African/German friends announced their big trip to the USA. So in order to see them we are hitting the open road to visit with them in Beautiful Maratha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

Add to that a smattering of trips up North to Cottage Country to Deb H and Michelle  and there is no doubt that this summer is the summer of travel. I am healing from my skiing accident in March and am hoping all this fun in the sun will be enough to clear the fuzziness of the Concussion and bring back my energy so that I can take my students on at full steam come September…

I have not blogged since our Euro Trip 2010 so this should be interesting, after the accident I realized how brief life can be and I want a record of all our wild carrying on. I am going to commit to writing this for the summer and hopefully it wont take another 3 years until I want to write again.