What makes a great travel blog?

As I sat down in front of my computer to start marking student’s travel blogs, I had a stack of Rubrics sitting next to me. There were certain things that students had to do to achieve marks. They needed tags, categories and three well written Blog articles that were approximately 250 words long.  What I didn’t ask for is PASSION.

Its hard to quantify passion. When you read a blog you can tell, “Ya, this kid has passion. its great to see what they are doing with their Travel niche,” or “Man, this guy is just putting in the required effort to pass this course.”

Which one are you?  I for one, am all about passion. Too bad there isn’t a rubric for that.   Here is a picture of me, at the top of the hill in Vezenobres, France 2010, thinking, passionately, that when I finish this run, I need a glass of wine. Live with passion, it just reads better.


Writing your Niche Travel Blog

Hi Students,

I have been thinking about our Blogging class yesterday and wanted to give some advice to those of you that are unsure how to begin.

1) Check out other Travel blogs…here is a good one   http://www.nomadicmatt.com/travel-blog/

2) Just write. As I mentioned in class you are not writing the Ten Commandments or the Declaration of Independence! You can make changes. You can always edit later. You will not have much traffic on your blog to begin so just get writing. The more you write the better you will get.

3) Add some pictures

People like visuals…. If you don’t have anyTravel agent personal travel photos, its time to make some. Bring your camera on our field trip in two weeks. There will be LOTS of great photo opportunities. So in the mean time, look for pictures online, vintage travel pictures are cool too.

4) Write a commentary on an article, news clip, video or picture. Link the original source to your Blog, Put down your thoughts and opinions and you have a post.

5) Remember, you have been studying Tourism and Travel for over a year now. You have many important tips to share with the world.

6) Best practice is posts of around 250 words….this one is about 230…see nice and easy to read.

Best wishes to you all this weekend and happy blogging!