Snowshoeing in Haliburton and tips to the Graduating Class of 2015

A little birdy recently told me that people wanted me to blog more. “I can’t cope”, I moaned, “I am teaching awesome classes, raising a beautiful family, trying to stay warm and studying an MBA! How can I blog?” He told me it could be worse.089

All week I have thought about that. It could be worse. Oh Man, yes it could.

096I had a pretty good weekend, I travelled to Haliburton Ontario, went hiking, tried Snowshoeing for the first time, ate some great food and enjoyed myself. But, after the two days of fun, it was time to pay the piper. I needed to catch up on my missed studying hours. Because my friends, if you play, you have to pay.

Actually being a student again has really shown me what it is like to be a student in the modern world. It is a juggling act, a fine balance between the many callings of life. Sometimes when I walk into the classroom, I notice the students faces are weary. Ready to learn, happy to be at the school but weary . I think this is because in 2015 we are all the Kings and Queens of multitasking. I get it guys! I to am a little weary right now, but education does open so many doors! It is important, so how do we get through the next few weeks of mid terms, assignments and activities? Here is what I am going to do…perhaps you want to join me?

1) Plan your study hours. Look at your schedule over the next three weeks and set aside times for study. Just like you would with your shifts at work. Make it a firm schedule and stick to it. Despite working full-time I am committed to studying 25 hours a week for the next three weeks.

2) Take care of your health. Make sure you exercise every day. Walking counts as exercise. If I give you a break in class, use that time to walk around the halls. I get to a Yoga class three times a week I find this really helps with my focus.

3) When you study, study smart. Practice writing the test. Don’t just sit with a text-book and read for hours, you will retain little. Rather sit with paper and pen and practice writing what you know. I found that I had forgotten how to hold a pen and write for long periods of time 🙂 I now practice writing for three hours blocks, once a week.

4) Eat well. Everyday make sure you have two pieces of fruit and two servings of vegi’s. If you are not make sure you are taking a multi vitamin. Give your brain and body the nutrients it needs.

5) Take time for your loved ones. Call your parents, tell them how you are doing, connect with your friends, connect with people. You will feel so much better knowing you are connected and loved, it is a basic human need.

6) Cut back your hours at work if you are feeling overwhelmed. I have a student in one class that has 9 hours of class in one day. This student can barely focus during the class. The student planned the class timetable around work shifts.  The problem with this strategy is that if you are not able to focus in class so that you can work, you are really defeating the purpose of going to school. You need to work, I get it, but if working prevents you from being successful at school, you are getting nowhere.

7) Sit in a sunny window. If we get a sunny day like today (okay it is minus 23 degrees in Ontario today but wow it is sunny! lol) sit by the window and let the sun warm you. Why, because it makes you feel good! That is Victoria science 101.

So, if you are feeling weary, remember, it could be worse. We are almost though the winter, spring is coming, the end of the semester is in sight. Just breathe, follow my tips and remember, there is always Coffee, lots of Coffee.



Published by Victoria

I am Victoria Renton. Professor at Sheridan College, Pilon School of Business. I am a Tourism Marketing specialist with extensive international sales, major airline negotiations and tourism development expertise. I started blogging when I went to Europe with kids in July 2010 as a way of sharing my adventures with friends back home. As a Digital Marketing Professor, I like to try new technologies with students and stay current with Social Media Trends and this Blog has been a great home base for that. It is a place that I share my travels, ideas, success and failures. I am glad you stopped by.

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