Westjet. I think I’m in Love.

I fly a lot. Maybe not as much as the road warriors that travel for business, but by leisure traveler standards, I guess I am a frequent flyer. Travelling in economy class seems to be my price point so how do I determine if the airline is any good? I feel there are two stagesContinue reading “Westjet. I think I’m in Love.”

Hiking in Banff. AKA how many times can I say… “Wow! This is beautiful!”

Lucky me! I was able to visit Alberta and even more lucky I got to visit the incredible Banff National Park. I have travelled to Calgary, YYC, on business many times but this was the first time I was able to visit the Mountains and WOW, was I ever blown away. Here are a fewContinue reading “Hiking in Banff. AKA how many times can I say… “Wow! This is beautiful!””

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios I have always loved this park. I have heard people say, ” It is a half day park” Not true! We spent a full day there on July 11th and still only scratched the surface. Here is a quick run down of my thoughts of a great day at Hollywood Studios. FastContinue reading “Disney’s Hollywood Studios”